Partnering and investors

July 2020: Having obtained convincing proof-of-concept with our shortlisted, ADC candidates carrying state-of-the-art  technology, observing both anti-tumor efficacy as well as tolerability in PDX models of solid cancers, ADCendo openly welcomes discussion with investors, VCs, partners and pharma companies with an interest in ADCs, to explore potential collaboration opportunities for our continued journey towards the clinic.

ADCendo is currently a resident incubation company at Bioinnovation Institute (BII) at the Creation House level, where final proof-of-concept studies, de-risking activities, clinical and regulatory preparation, and selection of a clinical development candidate ADC takes place (2019 and 2020).

ADCendo has previously secured non-dilutive funding through exploratory pre-seed (500,000 DKK) and pre-seed (3,500,000 DKK) grants from Novo Holdings, as well as investments from Innovation Fund Denmark through the InnoBooster and InnoFounder programs.